Fibre Support Services

Let the team at ITINFRACO service all your Fiber Optics wiring needs.

We are here to support your every need, any time, day or night. We understand that fiber optics are the backbone of many network systems and that speed, latency and bandwidth are important to any business. We offer premier service with the most qualified and trained employees in the industry. We will use our experience and expertise to install fiber optic cabling, splicing and testing using the latest equipment for businesses, small and large. ITINFRACO can tailor any job to fit your business model. ITINFRACO unparalleled service and uses only the finest, most updated equipment. We will work to make sure your network is first class and within your budget.

Fiber Optic Cable Installation

ITINFRACO will meet all of your OSP & ISP needs. Whether it is installing an 864 strand OSP cable or a 6 strand riser cable, single-mode or multi-mode, our technicians are fully trained on all facets of fiber optics.

Fiber Optic Testing

ITINFRACO provides the highest end testing available for fiber optics including Fiber Characterization, OTDR and OLTS (Power Meter). We use state of the art equipment to provide accurate bi directional loss of both single-mode and multi-mode cables.

Fusion Splicing

ITINFRACO field technicians are trained on an array of OSP splice cases and ISP termination panels so your fusion splice will be a breeze. We use only top of the line fusion splicers with the latest technology to ensure your fusion splices are the best of quality. We can provide aerial, manhole and panel splicing of multi-mode or single-mode fiber.

Fibre Maintenance

  • Fibre inspection
  • Fibre cleaning
  • Scheduled Maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Remote Fiber Test System(RFTS)
  • PON Monitoring RFTS
  • Fiber and Cable Total Support
  • System/Temperature sensing system
  • Fiber-optic distributed temperature sensing system