Project Management

Transparent, supportive, collaborative, with less emails, and more mental bandwidth.

  • The integration with IT personnel to create and document implementation standards.
  • We will provide Krone and FOA certified technicians and experienced project management personnel to be on site to oversee the implementation of the standards, and provide weekly progress reports and milestone documentation for projects at any and all of your national and international facilities.
  • We will deliver all final drawings, test certification reports, and documentation to the customer.
  • We offer the service provider full expert planning and project management in executing access site builds with full turn-key delivery to the client.

Project Management like you’ve never experienced it

Outsourcing Project Management is a cost effective solution for organizations which do not have the right Project Management skills to manage complex projects. ITINFRACO will work closely with the client during the project life within the following scope:

  • Way leave applications and site drawings
  • Site Survey
  • Planning
  • Costing
  • Civil Solutions and implementation
  • Full optic fibre delivery supply and install and final testing
  • Acceptance Certification civil as well as fibre Project Management


Our methodology reduces your risk. Let’s think about that for a minute. What’s your project risk profile?How important is it? What would the impact be if your project was delivered late, or over budget? We know how to get projects done, and done right. You can hire a high-risk average PM, or you can hire a low-risk Vision PM. You decide.

More Clarity, Less Emails, and Lower Stress

We are experts in creating clear project plans, and facilitating planning sessions to maintain momentum. These plans and sessions have proven to improve communication, increase collaboration, create clarity, reduce emails, and lower stress. Yes, really.

More For Less

Our PM is 2 to 3 times more efficient than the typical PM due to our project and productivity methodologies, and can handle many projects at any one time. By working with us, your teams will pick up our productivity techniques by osmosis and be able to add even more value outside of their projects. The bottom line: we deliver a higher value service, for less money.

Project Rescue

In addition to bringing us in at the beginning of a project, we also offer project rescue services for your projects that have gone off the rails. We will figure out what’s wrong, work with you to fix it, and project manage it until it’s back on track. At this point, you get to choose whether you’d like to take control of it again, or have us project manage it through to completion.